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Global professional manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers of industrial and civil microfluidic mechanical products。
Shenzhen Heyi Precision Pump TECH Co., Ltd
National high-tech enterprise
Shenzhen Heyi Precision Pump TECH Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Heyi Precision Pump TECH Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, a benchmark enterprise in the piezoelectric pump industry in China, a top 500 enterprise in China's technological innovation, and a certified enterprise in China's intellectual property management system. It is recognized by the international community and industry as a great enterprise, representing the development of the high-tech industry in Shenzhen, China.
The company focuses on the research and development of piezoelectric pumps, with over 25 years of professional research foundation, profound technical accumulation, and a solid technical team. It is the first enterprise in the world to achieve industrialization of piezoelectric pumps.
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